Eddy fi Lyft Corrosion under insulation (CUI) is possibly the greatest unresolved asset integrity problem in the industry. Current methods for measuring wall thickness with liftoff, without removing insulation, all have severe limitations and existing pulsed eddy current (PEC) solutions rely on outdated technology. It’s time for evolution. It’s time for Lyft ™

The Lyft system uses an advance sizing algorithm that analyzes PEC signals at an earlier time and uses smart filtering techniques to significantly improve data acquisition time. This in turn enables the use of a dynamic scanning mode which provides the user with a higher resolution image acquired at a faster rate. The additional insight provided by the dynamic mode data goes a long way toward a better identification of CUI in hard-to-reach area such as around nozzles or saddle supports. In addition, the dynamic mode significantly speeds-up and simplifies the setup time prior to the PEC inspection owing to the encoded acquisition and C-Scan mapping. Moreover, the Lyft system shows great results in the sizing of scab (or blister) corrosion, a degradation problem which has historically proven hard to asses with conventional non-destructive techniques.