Tower Inspection



Towers are visually inspected

The Owner is furnished a written or electronic report with color photographs of tower and site. RSS will use OWNER provided software and forms when required. Minor repairs completed at the time of the inspection will result in savings to the Owner.

RSS’s inspection crews carry state of the art equipment, including laser range finders used to determine precise AGL measurements and center of radiation levels, transits, Penn-Tech tension-meters, digital dynometers, UT equipment, Radman RF detectors, MEG test gear, laptop computers, and digital cameras.


RSS performs analysis of your structure to ensure the tower does not exceed its designed capacity. RSS utilizes drawings provided by the customer or performs a site visit to collect data such as guy wire sizes, antenna loading and member sizes required to perform the structural analysis. RSS will provide the Owner a report along with the modifications, when requested.

Tower Mapping

RSS provides tower mapping with a detailed drawing showing coax size, type and location; antenna size, type and centerline height; type of antenna, guy wire pull-off/torque arm locations and lighting locations.

Ground Resistance/Meggar Testing

RSS uses advanced clamp-on ground resistance testers to measure earth/ground resistance in multiple loop installations without disconnecting the ground.

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Post Modification/Third Party Inspections

RSS provides Post Modification/Third Party Inspections to ensure tower modifications/as built sites were installed in accordance to plans and specifications. RSS will provide a written report with photographs.